LifeTracker: Goals & Habits

LifeTracker brings you relevant reminders about things that are important to you when the time and place is right. 1Our smart algorithms will learn from your activity and adjust to the changes in plans to sync your life rhythm with your goals and aspirations.

We are just at the beginning of our journey, but LifeTracker app already has some useful features:

– Each activity or a goal can be assigned to one or several contexts. Context is a setting in which this activity will be most relevant.

– The heart of LifeTracker is the Home screen feed – where all your goals are ordered by relevancy and urgency. It’s constantly updated based on your activity and LifeTracker algorithms to keep most relevant tasks at the top.

– Should you want to sort your goals by time or context you can do that through filter tabs.

– The app will learn from the started and completed activities and will predict which context you are currently in.2

– Integrated with Google calendar LifeTracker always knows when you have free time and won’t skip a goal even if your plans change.

More exciting and useful features to come in the nearest releases. We will keep you updated, so stay tuned!


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