Learn Khmer Alphabet

Learn Khmer Alphabet App is intended to help you learn the Khmer Alphabet quickly and easily using visual and Audio combined for quick learning and also Writing practice.
Learn Khmer (Cambodian) Script, Consonants and Subscripts, Vowels and Numbers
Learn how to read the consonants, what are their sounds, learn how to write them and practice writing them.1
Learn the Vowels of the Khmer language, with pronunciation sounds in both Series A and Series O and Independent Vowels, Read, Write and understand the numbering system in Khmer language and practice it until you feel secure.

Use automatic mode for quicker, easier and funner study of the Khmer script and enjoy this amazing language !!!

Features special for this app:
1. All Consonants and their Subscripts, pronunciation and writing
2. All Vowels with Series A and O and Independent Vowels and Numbers
3. Automatic mode to assist you with the learning experience
4. Constant improvement and support
5. Practice Writing the alphabet letters, vowels and numbers by yourself – which is great for remembering.
6. Sub division of each tab (by class, length and etc).

At every point in the application you can click the menu button and get help.

Download Learn Khmer Alphabet for Free:




Watch Learn Khmer Alphabet video:

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