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The VirtualSpeech Google Cardboard app will help you master the English language and culture, by providing photo-realistic virtual reality environments to speak, listen and learn in.1
Currently you can learn English in the following languages: French, Spanish, Portuguese, English, German and Chinese. Russian, Japanese, Italian and Korean coming soon.

Experience Culture – visit London, the Cotswolds, Warwick, Cornwall and more in VR.
Basic Vocabulary – find various items in photo-realistic and beautiful vocabulary rooms.
Audiobook Chapters – listen to Treasure Island, The Three Musketeers or Alice in Wonderland.
Sentence Building – use different shapes and words as objects to build walls.2
Roleplay Situations – book a hotel, give a speech at a wedding and attend an interview.
Rewards & Stats – view your stats and awards to see how you’ve progressed.

★ 8 different vocabulary rooms including a kitchen, bedroom, office and bathroom.
★ Various 360 images of locations around England, from Cornwall to the Cotswolds to London.
★ Practice your English interview with companies including Google and Goldman Sachs.
★ Wedding / formal room to practice your public speaking in English before the big event.
★ Space environment where you can create sentences by building walls.3

This app was developed to help people learn English and experience the English culture and landmarks. The idea behind it was to create a more exciting way of learning in the virtual world. VirtualSpeech will continue to create VR environments and scenarios to help you in a wide range of language situations.

What is Google Cardboard?
Google Cardboard is a low cost virtual reality platform which transforms a phone into a VR headset. Get your headset at

The Google Cardboard VR app is still in very early development and there are many things we need to improve to 4bring you a fully immersive language experience. We are working on the following areas:

★ New languages to learn English in, including Italian and Japanese.
★ Learn different languages from other languages, for example you could learn French from German.
★ Roleplay experiences such as shopping, ordering a train ticket and getting a meal at a restaurant.

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