KOOD – Konnect, Meet, Chat based on your Mood

Meet friends and people around you based on your mood!1

Kood is an amazing app which konnects you with friends and people based on proximity and “whats in your mind!” at the time.

Hot Koods: Party tonight, Befriending for benefit, Netflix and chill, Lunch, Car pooling, Dating, Soccer, Celebrity friends, Hangout, Buy me a drink, Weekend biking, Drone club, Just for fun, Catch a movie, Just looking around, …

Kood may prove to be a powerful tool for you to find and meet new people anywhere and any time, who are equally interested in doing the same thing as you are.

Why konnect based on some old pics on FB? Connect based on whats going on in people mind at that time and by sharing latest pics and videos.
How does it work?

1. Post a short video or a photo with your mood, to share with others, we call this post a KOOD.
2. Find people who share the same mood as yours.
3. Konnect with the people you like and start…


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