IV Calc Toolkit Overlay

Find out now which of your pokémons are the best ones and which ones should be transfered.unnamed
This IV calculator uses overlay floating windows, so you don’t need to leave the game to calculate your pokémon Individual values.

** Main Features **
– Option to “keep screen always on”, useful to keep finding pokemons without using your phone.
– Find out your pokémons hidden stats (attack, defense and stamina).
– (new) More precision by using the appraisal best attribute information on the calculation.
– We display a score saying if your pokémon is good or bad.
– Power up Calculator, find out CP and HP potential of your pokémon after maxing it out.
– Discover how much stardust and candies are necessary to max out your pokémon level.
– (new) Help section describing what is IV’s and why it is important.

** Info about the calculator
The hidden stats & individual values that you will find using this app are the following:
– Pokemon level – from 1 to 40unnamed
– Attack – from 0 to 15
– Defense – from 0 to 15
– Stamina – from 0 to 15
A perfect pokémon will have 15 in every attribute.

The app will calculate these values and help you to decide if is worth to keep your pokemon.

Future updates will include
– The difference of your pokémon CP and HP against the perfect one.
– which pokemons are strong against others (really good for attacking gyms)

This app does not use your pokemon go account, so you have no risk of being banned.

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