invi SMS Messenger

With invi you can easily share relevant memes, images, GIFS, stickers, gallery shots, & videos. Send SMS to all your 2contacts, no matter what SMS app they use. And remember to invite a friend to invi to discover the joy of IM! Texting with friends and family has never been easier! Finally an SMS replacement app from this century!

☆☆☆ We’re excited to have you onboard to try out a new generation of SMS & IM messenger for Android! PS. We LOVE feedback ☆☆☆

Key Features:
SMS & MMS — All your texts in one place! Send SMS, MMS, and Group MMS.

Awesome Bar — Memes, images, GIFs, stickers, and moodies appear in context to what you type!

Instant Messaging — Invite a friend and send IM! Our smart fallback system ensures the IM re-sends as SMS when internet connection is lost!

Customization — Edit your friends bubble colors, chat icon, and nickname!1

Swipe Navigation — Swipe in and out of chats

Blazing Fast — No one wants to use a slow texting app, those dinosaur days are over!

No need to invite friends — SMS all your friends no matter which texting app they use

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