InQuest is a simple, super-fast and light-weight on-device search which just works like a charm. It can help you 1search anything and everything.

Search apps, contacts, images, videos, documents and files with ease and simplicity.

Do you want a local search on your smartphone to find apps, contacts, documents, files, images and videos? Do you want to have a free and simple on-device search app to let you search everything you want for free within seconds? If your answer is yes, then InQuest is just the perfect app for you right now.

InQuest is a new on-device search app that will let you get find any app or file on your smartphone easily and within seconds. All you have to do is to start typing the name file, app, image, video or document and InQuest will handle the rest for you by instantly showing search results.

Why do you need to install InQuest on your smartphone for free?
* Easy:
✓ We have developed a very easy to use interface! You should be able to perform easy and super fast search within all your phone files and contacts!2
✓ Download the app and start searching instantly. You need not create any account to start using our app search & image search app.
* Free:
✓ The best thing is that InQuest is FREE and will remain so without any usage limits!
* Search:
✓ You can find and search anything you are looking for on your smartphone: App search, Contacts search, File search, Document search, Audio search, Video search and Image search.

So, what are you waiting for? Download InQuest now and enjoy finding all your files, contacts or apps in no time for free!




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