Hidden Camera: Spy Tool

Ever thought about spying with a secret video tool? Now we have the solution for you. You don’t 1 need to buy expensive gadgets to record secret videos. This Hidden camera: Spy tool lets you record secret spy shots in front of people and nobody sees that, it behaves like a secret camera or say silent camera. It lets you capture background video recording with no shutter sound or preview and it behaves like a Secret Video Recorder. No body detects that you are secretly recording their video or using a hidden camera app in your mobile. It’s easy to use and that too like a spy. So start amazing your friends with the fun you capture with this secret mobile camera.

This application also packs built-in HD Wallpapers, you can use these HD images as wallpapers. Hidden Camera: Spy Tool is a Secret Video 2Recorder for professional video recording and it is the best free app available in the Android market in the field of Silent Video Recording by using Mobile Hidden Camera application.

Your secret video recording is now just 1 click away. Click once and your mobile camera takes video recording silently in background with no preview and no sounds by using its front or back camera whichever you choose. Download this handy video tool and become a perfect spy video recorder! You can also take selfie videos with your loved ones with this spy tool. Best thing about this secret videography app is that it is wifi free app which means you can enjoy your spy videography without wifi connection and zero data usage. So are you ready to take your secret photography expertise to the next level? Download this amazing free app and start feeling like a professional spy!

Salient Features:3
– Wallpaper Selection option,
– Unlimited number of video recordings,
– Unlimited video duration depends upon mobile free memory,
– Easy to use and interactive graphics,
– No camera shutter sound,
– No preview,
– Runs without wifi connection,
– One touch to start, stop recording,
– Turn screen off and continue recording in background mode,
– Supports front and back camera,
– Full HD video (1920×1080) recording,
– No data usage,
– Ad free app if WiFi turned off,
– Free secret video recording app,
– Videos store in the SD card.

Download Hidden Camera: Spy Tool for Free:




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