Groovy Loopz

Groovy Loopz (GL) is an easy drum loop player for musicians in a live performance or rehearsal.1

Do you have a performance/rehearsal & don’t want to carry that bulky MPC,laptop or drum machine? GL is your answer.

GL features loads of drum loops/click tracks across various genres & styles to beef up your performances.

Most importantly you can easily customize drum loop names & save them to your SetList for easy access during performances.

Within the Setlist, you can lock the tempo of the currently playing drum loop; so that subsequently selected drums loops play at this tempo

Using Groovy Loopz is as easy as:
*Browsing & selecting a drum loop
*Adjusting the drum loop tempo & hitting play2
*Renaming drum loop as desired & saving to your SETLIST
*Recalling & playing any previously saved drum loops from your Setlist

Key Features
* Re-adjust drum loop tempo up/down in realtime
* Tap tempo
* Start/stop audio playback with zero latency enhancing real-time user experience.
* Customize drum loop names & save to SetList for easy access during performances.
* Easy search for drum loops in Setlist/Presets
* Re-order drum loops in SetList .


Download Groovy Loopz on iOS:




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