Gobi – Send snaps in groups!

Now you can finally send snaps in groups!1

Create a group for your squad, your family, your football team or even your whole university. Everyone can now send snaps to the group, and everyone can reply!

Customize your snap with text, drawings, captions, emojis or even add a thumbnail of the picture you’re replying to!

Engage your group by using interactive stickers or likes, directly on top of your snaps! Add voting polls, link to the stuff you really want to share, or recommend other Gobi groups to your friends with the follow-sticker.

Stay 100% anonymous, or choose to add your username to the snaps.

Featuring reply capability with customizable thumbnail, unique filters, like-feature and much more!

Download Gobi for Android:




Download Gobi for iOS:




Visit Gobi website

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