Do you want to visit restaurants without bringing wallet? Maybe you want to book restaurants and pay your meals on 1the go? Go-MaD is here to help you with all of that. The app was designed to help you book a table at any supported restaurants, go to the restaurant to order your meal on the spot and then the restaurant will charge you via GoMaD!

Everything is fast and cashless. The best part is that you don’t have to exchange your local currency for food, as payments are performed via the app.

The process is simple, you select the restaurant, tap on any menu to book a table. You then go to the restaurant, order your meal on the spot and then the payment is charged by the restaurant via the app.As a result, you can enjoy your food and focus on having a great night instead of waiting for the bill to come. It’s fast, convenient and it offers tremendous features!

Go-MaD includes a one button call and in-app messaging, so communicating with the restaurant will be a breeze. You get to know if they have any open spots,and you can also slash most of the waiting time.

By using Go-MaD, you can:2

• Search the restaurant and see their menu, where they are located and how long you have to wait for your food

• Tap on any menu to book the table

• Go to the restaurant and order your meal on the spot

• The bill is charged via the app, so you can enjoy your time and have fun while the payment is made automatically. With Go-MaD, you can take you meal without having to carry your wallet

• Go-MaD offers you cash back for every meal with the Terms and Conditions apply.

Don’t hesitate to take your restaurant experience to the next level! Download Go-MaD and start booking restaurants and paying for meals on mobile now!

Download Go-MaD on Android:
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