Ghost Pro Snap

This App is a tool for Ghost Hunters. It amplifies semitransparent light patterns in a series of digital photos. This 1allows users to compare and analyze one photograph against the others. You are looking for light patterns and anomalies not present from one photo to the other. This App features a main pannable photo viewing area, forward and back photo buttons. It includes 7 Levels of phase filters as well as an Invert filter. It includes a rotation button to view images at different degrees. It includes pulse and play buttons that automatically play through each phase level or photo. It includes 10x digital zoom levels and a highlight feature that allows the user to write on a photo if needed.
Light and Motion Tracker (LMT) is an App that amplifies light changes in ghost hunting photos.3

When something moves or vibrates it creates a small blur and color change. This technology lets you see these super fine movements in greater detail. With this tech we have discovered ghosts and you can too. Ghosts are real and can be standing right in front of us. What will happen on your next ghost adventures?

Try out our award winning App and judge for yourself. This is completely real. Read the included tutorial inside the App. and practice a lot with different lighting situations.

As you’ll see soon, the patterns are significant and merit further study. Keep in mind, this is a whole new frontier. Experiment like the guys from Ghost Asylum and post your results to the Internet. Tell your friends to sleep with one eye open. Their place might be haunted.2
What am I looking for? (ghosts)

You are looking for things that appear then disappear. You are looking for things that change shape. You can see these light anomalies because of our App. Slowing down and amplifying each frame is key. Compare one photo to another and zoom in on things that look strange. You can use photos from GoPro and other cameras as long as you import your images into your photo gallery.

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