GasIT is the latest social networking app with the ability to capture photo and video, customize and edit your profile screen696x696and photos/videos, follow friends, and message friends. It is also set with a reminder function to drop you a note to complete a task when you are using this social app.
GasIT is not just another social app. Every social app enables you to post picture and video. However, GasIT combines social networking where our user connects with friends, message friends,add Video Filters ,with a Reminder and Photo Editing features. You can capture a photo and edit your pictures within the app with our customize photo ability. You can directly post photos as your social pictures on our app.
This app will also remind you of your tasks so you won’t forget to do what you need to do. Moreover, you don’t need to request permission to friend someone. You follow friends you like and message friends freely. To protect your privacy, you can set a Personal or Private Timeline and Public Timeline to limit what you share to your friends.
========== GasIT TOP Features: ==========
• Customize your profile
• Capture moments and post photos as social pictures on your Public Timelines.
• Edit and customize your pictures with many options: Draw, Crop, Splash, Resize, edit Tone, add Text, Stickers, and Emoticons to your pictures. aaaaaa
• Add Video Filters.
• Connects with your friends and people around you.
• Personal Timeline option to protect your privacy.
• Post your activities in Public Timelines if you want your followers to know what you’ve been up to.
• Find, Follow friends, and message friends.
• No friend request. You follow whoever you wish.
• Reminders you don’t need to worry you’ll forget to do something anymore.

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