Isn’t it cool to have friends on your fingertips
Not the virtual ones that give you likes, but the ones that bring you pizza and coke 🙂

Hmmmmm pizza an coke yummmmmmmiPhone55retina1

Well FWB! can’t promise choice of toppings, though we can connect you with ppl near you. You decide what you would like on the side
No side dish, pick a main, or an entree it’s all gravy baybay
It’s the Remix baybay
Expand your inner circle, track down your hidden friends in the city near you 🙂
Find yourself a Richard Gere type lol
Switch lanes in a F type – your choice babe
Have a late lunch or an early coffee 🙂

Yes!! we said yummy!

Now download the app and let’s get Jiggy with it




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