All of us have strong bonds and links with our family members and friends. We all, therefore, want to be aware of each and everything happening with our family members and friends. We are always concerned about their safety and security. We want to know about their activities. We want to know everything there is about them and that is because we are deeply and emotionally linked with each other.1

The main aim of FriendLinks is to make our bonds and links even more strong. So much so that we can see each other moving around. We can know exactly where somebody is at a particular moment. We can find our friends by name and see where they are on the map. We can search a location and see which of our friends or family members are there. Parents can keep a constant eye on their children. Friends can see where to find and join their mates. All this looks like a dream but FriendLinks makes it not only possible but easy.

Where parents can create circles around their children’s schools and see their children moving in and out of school and also get notified when the children enter or leave that circle, they can also create similar circles around all places like play grounds, parks, libraries, academies and markets, where their children are expected to be, to keep an eye on them.

We all love parties, fun fairs and meet ups. Besides, there are business meetings, processions, demonstrations, seminars, conferences, games and matches. FriendLinks makes the management of any kind of events vanilla easy. 2All you need to do is create a circle around the event venue and add the participants to that circle. FriendLinks will send notifications to all participants. You will then be able to see people when they enter the circle. You can see the list of ins and outs. Hence you know who has joined and who is still to arrive. You will also get notifications when somebody enters or leaves the circle around your event venue.

One interesting feature of FriendLinks is that it informs you when one of your friends comes as close to you as 100 meters. You get a notification that your friend is close to you even though you are not seeing him or her. This way, you know when some one is near you so you can find them on the map and meet them at the exact location where they are.

In another exciting feature of the app, you can create and share posts and also view posts by other users both on the map and in a list view. The posts are displayed from an area of 5KM around your current location. You can like posts and comment on them.

FriendLinks has great uses in the fields of business and industry. For example a business man can watch his supply trucks moving on the roads or get notified when his trucks enter his area. Many businesses can watch their teams moving in the fields. They can see and get notified when an employee enters or leaves their business premises. 3Transport companies can locate and see their vehicles and drivers on the ground. Goods and food delivery businesses can manage their deliveries by watching delivery staff.

Governments and institutions can also use FriendLinks capabilities to monitor their field work. Mega projects can be managed by creating circles around the project sites. Mass communications and distributions can be facilitated by on ground watch. Institutions that need to keep an eye on their staff or other people can take advantage from FriendLinks. FriendLinks can even be used during wars and crime scenes or natural disasters.

FriendLinks has uncountable uses and advantages. It can be used where ever it makes sense. There are lot of situations in real life where FriendLinks comes handy. Therefore, always keep FriendLinks with you. It can save your life.

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