Followers for Instagram, Free Likes: Followhooker

Followers for Instagram, Get likes, Comments and Views for Instagram. 1
Our app help you reach thousands or even millions of followers+ , likes, views and real looking comments for Instagram.
Get famous on Instagram within a day and create your own brand.
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Its very simple, you Follow, Like, view or comment other interesting Instagram users photo/media to collect coins and then you spend those coins you collected to promote your account to thousands and even millions of people within the app.

Feature´s within the app
– Upgrade coin feature
– Upgrade your coins and get 100 followers, likes,views or comments per coin
– Add multiple accounts to share the same coins, 2
– collect coins with one account and use on other account
– Free daily rewards

– Multi-feature login, login up to 5 accounts and share the same coin.
Collect coins with one account and spend on another account


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