Flower Assistive Easy Touch

What is Flower Assistive Easy Touch?1
Flower Assistive Easy Touch is an easy tool for android devices. It’s fast, it’s smooth, and it’s totally free.
With a floating panel on the screen, you can easily use your android smartphone. More conveniently, you can quickly access to all your favorite apps, games, settings, and quick toggle. You can use the smart clean function to clean running background apps, help your phone faster. Flower Assistive Easy Touch is also an ideal app to protect the physical buttons (home button and volume button). It is very useful for the big screen smartphone.

**<< Flower Assistive Easy Touch>>**
* Virtual volume button, quick touch to change volume and change sound mode
* Virtual back button
* Clean ram, boost speed, one tap ram booster.
* Virtual home button, easy touch to lock screen and open recent task
* Easy touch to open your favorite application2
* Go to all setting very quick with a touch

* Open Bluetooth
* Open Location (GPS)
* Open Airplane mode
* Open Flashlight bright
* Open WiFi
* Open Ring mode (Normal mode, Vibrate mode, Silent mode)
* Capture Screenshot (2.3.3 and up)
* Power popup (2.3.3 and up)
* Open Notification
* Open Volume up & down
* Screen rotation
* Launch all applications or games on your device

Boost your phone, free up memory (RAM), speed up your device and save battery. Our 1 Tap Boost make it easy to optimize directly from your home screen. This is a fast and use full booster feature to clear unnecessary apps running background, smart clean ram memory. Clean your phone when plugin with power, may help your phone charging faster.

* You can change color of background with your favorite color
* Gesture Setting for Floating Button (One tap, double tap, long press)
* You can change icon of Flower Assistive Easy Touch with many pretty icons, totally free

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Watch Flower Assistive Easy Touch video:

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