Our mission here at FlexxTv is to create entertaining content. Provide a outlet for up and coming artists, film 1makers, videographers or any person that wants to show off their creative edge! Download and Upload videos. Share, Like and try our featured music & video Category! FlexxTV’s personality is creative, intelligent, and refreshing. Personality is the brand’s character because it connects the brand with the outside world by making it relatable to the desired target demographic. This might be expressed in a certain design style, color scheme, writing style or voice. FlexxTV is all about sharing and expressing your vision.
Features: FlexxTV is a Video Hosting/Sharing site with a collection of over 100,000 videos. The website allows users to create a channel and communicate with each other. The user interaction is seamless with alternate mobile & tablet presentation available.

– Personal channel

– Integrated login (Facebook/Twitter)

– Verified accounts (The checker flag on FlexxTV lets people know that an account of public interest is authentic)

– Blog2

– Users can comment on each others channel & videos.

– Online users are visible to logged in account subscribers.

– Users can subscribe to each other. (The popular term for “Subscribe” on most social media platforms is “Follow”.)

– Videos being watched right now section

– Suggested/Similar videos

– Post sharing

– Activity feed (Timeline)

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