Fast Calculation

The best calculator for simple and scientific use. Choose from various colorful, stylish themes to brighten your day 1 while you calculate with ease.
Cube Vedic Maths Techniques – Anurupyena, Ekadhikena, Vargank , Yavadhunum
CubeRoot Vedic Maths Techniques – Yavadhunum
Division Vedic Maths Techniques – Nikhilum, Paravartya
Equation Vedic Maths Techniques – Vilokanam, 1 Variable
Factorization Vedic Maths Techniques – 3 Variables.
This android Calculator is easy to use for everyday calculations, with all the scientific capability you need .
It supports both simple calculations and advanced,complex and scientific calculations.
This calculator for android is the best scientific calculator .
Android’s #1 Scientific Calculator and simple calculator.
A fully featured scientific calculator which looks and operates like the real thing.
Looking for fractions? Degrees/minutes/seconds? Landscape mode? You need this Calculator for android
* Beautiful and intuitive interface 2
* Unit conversions
* Physical constants table
* Math expressions calculation
* Result history
* Memory
* Choose from various stylish themes
* Logarithmic and other functions are available in this simple calculator.
* Calculation history and memory
* Cool color themes (skins) for the scientific calculator
* Modern, easy and very user friendly UI
* More features will be added. Stay in touch! 🙂
* Use powerful mathematical capabilities of the app:
* Do calculations with variables and constants

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