Fake Call Girlfriend

New app 2017 – 2018, the best Fake Call Girlfriend ever, with awesome fake caller id with professional design UI and most beautiful fake caller id apps in Android Store, this is one thing to rescue yourself from an awkward situation, 1like boring meeting and etc and make yourself a fake-call id!

Do not hesitate this is the best app for your’s Fake Call Prank, Fake Caller Ringtone & Call Simulator. Remember, we are totally free, this just for help you to fun, the fake call id won’t charge you any fee.

This Fake Caller Prank helps you to select a caller from the list or you can easily enter a new contact, example: Fake call from the president, fake caller from mom, fake caller prank tom or anything you want. If you Like Jokes then you can make your friend fool by Fake Call Girls and Fake call beautiful Girlfriends.

Now you can make free calls and false scare your friends with this simulator Fake Caller. Use can also use this Fake Call Girlfriend Prank to make your actual you girlfriend jealous! Even you can this Fake Call Girlfriend Prank as an alarm clock!

The main feature this Fake Caller Prank :

– Awesome UI design.
– Fake Girlfriend Call operated without wifi.2
– you can use specify caller photos, name & number from Fake caller.
– Schedule a fake call at a specific time (make alarm maybe)
– Apply record to your voice and using that as your caller.
– Make specific ringtone.
– Fake call quick set
– Play Fake voice after fake call answered
– Simulate Fake calling screen as real as your different phone: Samsung UI, Sony Ericsson, HTC Sense, ICS, etc

Description of permissions for Fake Call:

1. Network communication: This permission is for Bluetooth earphone and networks;
2. Storage: This permission can record and edit fake calling voices, which are stored in the SD card´╝Ť
3. Hardware controls: This permission is to set a fake call vibration;
4. Phone calls: This permission is for you can receive the real call during the fake calling;

Download Fake Call Girlfriend for Free:




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