Duaa – Islamic Supplications

Collection of authentic Duaas/ Zikr/ Dhikr. Designed for children , grown ups and all Muslims.screen696x696
Duaa is an Ibaadah as mentioned in the following hadith of prophert Muhammad (pbuh)

** “Indeed, Supplication is the worship.” Source: Sunan at-Tirmizi, Vol. 4, #2980

Welcome to an authentic Islamic app. We aim to bring all the authentic Duaas (Islamic Supplications) in the very simple and easy to navigate app.
This app is aimed at all the age groups. Children can repeat the audio and memorize the duaas whereas the adult can use both the Arabic text and the audio.


— Only authentic material included
— Duaa image in Arabic
— Transliteration of Duaascreen696x696_002
— Duaa Audio to make memorization easy.
— Ability to share duaa.
— More than 200 duaas with following categories.

— Daily Duaa : Includes everyday activities duaas like Eating, Drinking, Sleeping, Waking up, going to Toilet
— Duaas for Hajj, Umrah
— Duaas for Rukya (Protection from Evil, Majic etc)
— Duaas in Salaah, Adhaan and masjid
— Duaas in Difficult times
— Morning , evening and Night duaas
— Duaas for cure from Disease
— Duaas for Dead , graves and funeral
— Duaas in Quran
— Duaas for parents.unnamed

We are humans and prone to error. If there is any error or mistakes, it is from us and we would be happy to rectify it. Please forgive our shortcomings and report it to app.educational@gmail.com

Jazkallah Khair

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