DU Battery Saver-de batterie

Du Battery Saver & de batterie Is a very lightweight battery saver and battery optimizer app. By using our app, we will help you to save your battery energy and get longer battery life. We know that smartphones are very important in our daily tasks and in our life in general, and batteries are more important, because we can’t run our smartphones if the battery energy is very 1low. That’s why we created Du Battery Saver to help you to save battery energy easily and fastly.
You don’t have to spend much time killing your running tasks because we will take care of this process automatically and we will let you save your battery energy easily and fastly. The best thing is that our battery optimizer app is Free, so you can use it without paying anything!
We know that’s the battery energy is the most thing that you think about when you are out home and that’s why our app will be your battery saver and will help you to save your battery energy for the longest possible.
Why you need to download our app to save battery instead of other optimize battery energy apps?

• One-tap quick battery saving:
★ The optimizing process will start with just one tap and we will save your battery energy by killing some tasks that are not too important and by doing some magic things to save your battery.
★ Now, you can manually choose which app you want to clean. So, if you want to keep other apps running, then this option is made for you.

• Modes: 2
★ We have many modes to help you save battery energy. The modes that we have are : Prolong, General and sleep. And the best thing is that you can create your own mode based on your needs.

• Free :
★ Our battery saver & battery optimize app is FREE and it will stay Free for life, so there is No hidden fees, no special memebrships and no annual subscription fees to get longer battery life.

• Battery Details:
★ You can easily see different details about your battery such as temperature, capacity, voltage, call time, music playback time and many more!

What are you waiting for ? Download Du Battery Saver & de batterie app and save more battery energy easily!




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