Do It Now: To-do list & Tasks management

“Do It Now” is a task management application that is simple and convenient. “Do It Now” built so you can manage 1easy task, review the history of work completed and know the work performance of the day.
With more sub-task in each taks, you easily allocate their work more efficient and rational.
“Do It Now” can help you customize the task list. You can change the background matching your task list. For example, the list for work, shopping, projects, plans travel.
“Do It Now” at present has to support multiple interfaces for you to select, fit, and style preferences.

– Interface design-friendly, easy to use, simple and logical
– Create a list, plan the work to do
– Customize the background of each list
– Manage task or subtask in the list
– Use the convenient and fast than with the Gesture of the management task
– Set the end date and add notes in each task with a friendly interface, easy to use1
– Show the performance of the work in each job listing to you know what you have done.
– Automatically move these work in the Today list to the report at the end of a day
– Features monthly performance reports help you monthly statistics
– Features daily performance reports help you daily statistics
– Fast search, help you search task and list fast and accurately.
– Support multiple languages

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