Dirty Money

Ever wonder how much you get paid to take a poop at work? This app will help you find out! Easily track every poop you take at work and watch your earnings build. The application contains the following features:1

– Tracking of poops you take, simply enter your hourly rate and currency symbol in the home screen and you’re ready to go! Hit the start button and send the app to the background whilst you browse the web. A notification will sit in your notification bar tracking your earnings and to serve as a reminder that the app is still running in the background. When you’re finished simply open the app back up via the notification and hit stop.

– For every poop you take a poopslip is created, these poop slips keep track of every poop you’ve taken and any details associated with it. Poopslips will be listed in the date they were created and you can tap a poopslip to get more details about the poop, such as the value, duration and start and end time. If required you can also delete individual poopslips

– The statistics tab keeps track of your overall poop earnings for the day, week, month, year and running total. This is great to see how much you’re actually getting paid to poop at work! The statistics screen also contains other useful stats such as the average daily earnings, the total number of poops you’ve taken and a few other cool stats. The statistics screen also contains a share button to share your running total with your friends

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