Color Flashlight Alert in Call

Get miss call alert with spark color flashlight with multiple blinking frequencies, even when missed call alert when phone is off.

make your phone with super bright flashlight in colors. you can use this app also as brightest flashlight multi led with flash alerts on call and sms for android fast blinking alert flash light.1

flash on call sms and notifications for all apps and contacts and works in all kind of android flash phone. bright flashlight for front camera and screen colors.

* Super Bright Flashlight LED
* brightest flashlight multi led
* Easy to use
* missed call alert when phone is off
* Battery friendly

How it Works
1. Run the Apps
2. SEtup your bllinker frenquecy and apps and color flashlight.
3. Select Bright Flashlight or super as you like.
4 Get CALLS!!

Download Color Flashlight Alert in Call for Free:


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