Looking for an easy way to find people and events that match your interests? Introducing Chaxter, the app that is unnamedtailored specifically to you.

Chaxter brings you your city’s hottest events. From concerts, to fashion shows, to community service. Go out for a night on the town at a new night club or discover a new restaurant. Never be stuck wondering what is there to do again. With Chaxter the options are endless. Press a button. Go places. Chaxter!

Currently, Chaxter has plenty of events in Houston and will soon expand to other cities. Get the movement started in your city by creating events for your customers and friends.

– Automatically finds events that match your interests.
– Connects you with people that share your interests.
– Easily create events and share them with your friends or the entire world.
– Chaxter utilizes your phone’s GPS  to map out the directions to your events.
– Post pictures, videos and create memes to share with other Chaxters.
– Share your experiences and interact with the Chaxter community using the Newsfeed.


Download Chaxter for Android:




Download Chaxter for iOS:




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