CallMeNow brings a whole new mobile communication experience. And the best part, its not only for iPhone, it works for Android, iPod touch and IPad, too.1

With CallMeNow you can:

– Chat unlimited with your friends
– Voice Call from CallMeNow user to CallMeNow user for free
– Video Call – HD – from CallMeNow user to CallMeNow user for free
– Add groups for video conference/voice conference
– Delete the message you sent by mistake
– Add friends easily by just typing in their email
– Safe communication between your friends
– Add favorites so that you can access them quickly
– Recent chat- you can find out who you had a chat with recently and more…

So stop waiting, start talking in chat unlimited with your friends

Download CallMeNow on Android:




Download CallMeNow on iOS:




CallMeNow is also available for browsers (which support JAVA) and as a desktop version for computer (Mac OS and Windows 64 bit)

CallMeNow for Desktop

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