Café Wifi

It’s only the beginning, but get ready for Café Wifi.
With more and more of us working remotely or spending the day at cafés and coworking spaces trying to get a few things done, there’s a growing risk for ending up at a bad spot. Wouldn’t it be great if we could share information with each other easily and automatically 1about how great and how workable these spaces really are?

Enter Café Wifi. There might be Wi-Fi! There might be drinks. But is it good Wi-Fi? Are the drinks good? Is there seating? What else is there?

Café Wifi shows you nearby “workable spaces”, such as cafés and coworking areas, and allows you to share and discover more information about them. — Do you work from cafés? This app is for you!

When we search for spots to work/cowork at, there are too many questions and we cannot risk losing part or all of the day to bad connectivity or lousy work environments. We keep our “same ol’ spot(s)” because we can’t easily find new ones, and yet we still want to explore and stop eating the same ol’ food and sitting on the same couch with the same lighting, etc. — Café Wifi aims to solve this for you, by helping everyone share information about internet speeds, drink enjoyability, and atmosphere of your favorite cafés while also helping you find new ones in whatever area you’re in.

• Plot and discover the best coffee shops for good coffee/drinks, fast internet, and getting 2things done.
• Find great places to work between meetings, or for students to study for exams and complete homework.
• See which coffee shops and coworking spaces have the best Wi-Fi speeds, coffee/tea/drinks, and environment.
• Check-in with Foursquare/Swarm!
• Works worldwide, and helps you share information with others who are or who may be visiting that area in the future.

Café Wifi is powered by a community of people that work remotely or at cafés and coworking spaces, enjoying the best drinks, internet speeds, and atmospheres that cities and towns can offer. Share info about local coffee, connectivity, and coworking, and help others find the best locally as well. When visiting new areas, always have Café Wifi on your phone.

Travel the globe, but stay connected and able to find a space with some caffeine and connectivity to get your work done. Café Wifi can be your guide, and enables you to help guide others as well.

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