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Our lives are complicated and full of documents. Yes, even in this modern & digital world.screen696x696_004

Whether We buy a new car, a new house, a MF, a Fixed Deposit or an Insurance policy, we get a lot of documents & papers with all of them.

Yes it’s a world full of papers & renewal dates. But you never find them when you need them & always tend to miss out on the renewal dates. And that’s where we come in – Bunker.

Bunker is an app that lets you store all your important documents and policies on your mobile, and what more; you can access them anytime anywhere. Even without Internet.

Here’s how it works:

Download the app and register as a user using your mobile number – it’s as simple as 1-2-3. Your number will be verified through an OTP.

Hey you are a Bunker user now!screen696x696_002

Once you are registered you can start by adding all your important documents for all your insurance policies, mutual funds, FDs, Loans, tax saving schemes, in short almost everything. All you have to do is click the document image and upload. You can even add policy related documents like your driving license, RC book or passport. All your documents available on your phone.

Simple isn’t it. But let’s make life even simpler. With Bunker you will never miss a policy renewal, SIP or EMI.


For all the documents, policies you add, you can set renewal alerts and Bunker will send you timely reminders. But that’s just the beginning. Let’s uncomplicate life further.

When your renewal date approaches, you often get calls from 100s of agents who want to renew your policies. Are you tired of unwanted calls from agents regarding your insurance renewals, new FD schemes and those calls for free personal Loans?screen696x696_003

With Bunker you can chose to add an agent for all your needs and connect with him at a time convenient to you.

Select the service you are looking for and your mapped agent will receive a service request from you. You will get a service request number that can be tracked online.

Let’s say that you car insurance is up for renewal – you seek assistance for renewal – “HELP ME RENEW” – your mapped agent gets a notification and processes the request. Simple isn’t it.And if you don’t have any mapped agents, Bunker will connect you to agents in your location who can service your request.

Once your insurance is renewed, upload the new policy documents and set renewal alerts.

What more, you can raise a quick request for any of your service requirement including new loans, tax savings, MFs etc.screen696x696_005

In short, Bunker Stores your documents, Reminds by giving renewal alerts and Connects with your Financial Advisor

Life is simple with Bunker.

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