Budget Calculator / Organizer

Simple yet Powerful Budget Calculator App!1
The simplest mobile app to keep a track on your income / expenses / savings!
Budget Calculator organizes everything on monthly basis to make it simple to view the results for you! The data can be entered daily / weekly / monthly. Budget calculator can be your personal planner to forecast bills & savings. Eventually, it is a small money manager that fits your pocket!

Budget Calculator:
– is your best personal financial assistant;
– helps you to track and plan your money;
– provides great dashboard to tune your finance;
– fits in your pocket!

Budget Calculator was designed by people with a great passion to create the easiest tool for money management, where user interface plays the major role and has the simplest way to organise your budget in seconds and with fun!

You can easily input and manage your income or expenses. All the expenses and income are displayed in one page that you can manage them easily.

Budget Calculator has all required features for you to analyse and control your budget. These features are combination of different ways to represent your expenses, like pie charts, line charts, percentage breakdown, yearly breakdown.

Forecast was designed to provide you the most descriptive method to plan your savings. Forecast tool helps you to interpolate or “project” your spendings over years.

– Simple and User-Friendly interface for you to relax;
– Flexible Timeline to achieve your money savings goals!
– 3 Levels Breakdown Estimation for a proper money management;
– Yearly Line Chart Dashboard for a high level analysis;
– Monthly Pie Chart Dashboard acts as a expenses manager;
– Expenses and Income Percentage Breakdown eases the readability;
– Overall Spendings Dashboard to track expenses;
– Expenses and Income Copy Tool to spread (auto) the activities over months;
– PC Data Export helps to do even deeper analysis on your Computer!
– Customisable expenses and income categories that fits your daily requirements;
– Forecast Tool helps you to achieve your financial goals!
– Password Protection ensures that your data is secured;
– Smart Notifications keeps you updated and reminded to do regular budget updates;
– User Manual (Help) details all the features of the app.

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