Brain Training

Train your brain for FREE with brain training! The objective of is memorizing number sequence. If you are looking 1for number game and brain training, you’ve come to the right place. Part of intelligence is ability to recall things correctly and quickly, such as visual #memory and number order. You can improve your cognitive ability with various brain exercises, including various memory games. It is also a very addictive and fun game that you don’t want to miss!

Whether you’re kids or adults, young and old, you need to train your brain and improve memory in various ways. Intelligence is not set in stone. If we don’t use our brain and train it with brain exercise and memory training, we can lose our cognitive ability. Staying active and playing a memory game or number game can help you maintain your #memory and brain.

•Train your brain and improve your short term memory for FREE.

•Fun and addictive number game with simple game rules.

•Colorful and attractive game design with user friendly interface.

•Easy game control: just tap on the box according to the number sequence.

•Brain exercise with various levels of difficulty, from 5 numbers to 12 numbers.

•Spend only a few minutes a day memorizing our number order to improve your short term memory, attention, and cognitive skills.

•Countless of variations so you will get infinite #memory challenges to play. 3

•Replay this memory training to get Best Time and beat other players.

Brain training doesn’t have to be boring. Our Memory game is fun and exciting to play. You don’t have to think hard about the rules. Just take your time to focus to remember the sequence and location of the numbers. Once you’re ready, tap on number 1 and start the game. If you are still not sure how to play this game, just tap on How to Play section within the app.


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