BetPrevent Gambling Help 365

BetPrevent is the fantastic new App that has been uniquely designed to put you back in crontol of your gambling habits.

In modern day lifestyles gambling has almost become completely unavoidable due to extenstive advertising campaigns and easy access gambling platforms. Gambling can be 1fun if done responsibly, however quite frequently becomes out of control leading to financial hardship & difficulties. Unfortunately the help available to consumers who need help is limited and much less publisised. BetPrevent is the ideal antidote to help you regain contol and monitor/block/deter from uncotrollable gambling.

This app is the only one of its kind available on the app store. Its unique prevention features include:

*Targeted Web Blocking
*Targeted App Blocking
*Self-Exclude Templates
*Self-Exclude Links/Email Function
*Monitor & Progress reward function
*Gambling Advice Direct Links
*Contact Us.

BetPrevent can offer you the first step in regaining control. Take the first step & change your life forever.

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