Battery Timer 2017

An innovative app – “Battery Timer 2017” was launched recently to help Android users about time remaining with their current level of usage. Hence helps them to conserve their battery power. ( Download here )

A start up – which is still in stealth mode – is elated to announce the launch of a new useful Android app, i.e. Battery Timer 2017. The startup company since its inception has 2endeavored to contribute to the conservation of battery power of mobile devices that drain quickly than intended. The quick power drainage causes a major concern among the Android users who are currently in millions across the globe. The new app serves as an excellent tool to enable users to reduce the complete drainage and to get rid of this persistent problem.

CTO Hitha Paul P commented, “We are committed to help users to conserve the battery power of mobile devices by our innovative apps that are user-friendly and extremely result-oriented. With a team of some of the best mobile app developers, we will offer more customer-centric apps that can prove useful to solve everyday problems. We have a plan to enhance this app by adding several more features so that the app users can configure to extend their battery life.”

Objective of the app

The aim is to help millions of Android device users to get rid of the problem of sudden battery burnout. Sometimes, it causes embarrassment, when such incidents happen in the middle of a conversation. It adds more to the embarrassment, especially when the conversation is an official one.

In addition, it happens that while traveling, mobile users become unsure that whether their battery will last until they reach their destination or not. If it completely burns out, they have to evaluate any available option at hand to contact their loved ones in case of any emergency.1

Android users remain in uncertainty about whether to continue playing a game or watching a movie as such activities for some hours drain the battery quickly in comparison to engaging in other activities on any mobile device.

Features of Battery Timer 2017 App

“Battery Timer 2017” calculates accurate time taken by a battery of an Android user to fully charge or discharge. In short, it gives the exact time remaining to exhaust the battery life completely. The app also lets the users know about the rate at which their Android battery is being charged or discharged in each minute. This enable them control their mobile usage

Designed to show notifications on the lock screen of the mobile, it indeed ends the uncertainty to a considerable extent. Moreover, unique colors codes are provided for different battery levels for quick understanding along with graphs to indicate the battery levels as well as the charge/discharge rate (burn rate) across a current day. A user simply needs to press on the app on his or her app screen to choose between several themes. The brilliant features of this Android app are as follows:

Key features

  1. Calculate the time required to complete charging while in a charging mode
  2. Calculate the time remaining to complete drainage of battery while in use4
  3. Calculation based on the current usage of a mobile device
  4. Easy to understand notifications on the lock screen for quick access
  5. 3 Unique color-coding for the indication of different battery levels
  6. Generate a warning tone in case of extremely low battery
  7. Graphical detailing about the battery level across a single day
  8. Graphical detailing about charging/discharging rate across a single-day
  9. Give random wisdom messages to kill boredom
  10. Over a dozen of exciting app themes for easy customization
  11. Quick recommendations of the app via easy share on popular social media platforms
  12. One cool useful feature for users needs to discover themselves

Moreover, the app is sleek and occupies insignificant memory space. It is available on the Google Play Store at the modest price. The intuitive app lets people enjoy a long-lasting battery. Android devices with Android 4.0.3 or newer versions are best to run the easy-to-install app. A team of Android developers has tried their best to present a robust app that could prove extremely helpful in a day-to-day life.

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