Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder is the best to recorder phone calls, you can record phone calls with it your incoming and unnamedoutgoing calls Automatically and simply.

Automatic Call Recorder is one of the best call recorder android applications available on the store. You can customize the call recording functionalities as per your requirements and can record and save only the required ones.


– Extra fine quality of recordings ( Wav, Mp4, ARM…)
– Fully customizable recording functionality
– Save only the recordings that are important
– Cloud storage available
– Maintain privacy and security by password
– Shake and record functionality
– Player friendly
– Share record to friend, family… very fast and easily
– 100% Safe with private modeunnamed
– Support record from many source audio ( Voice call, Mic, UpLink …)

You have the ability to:

– Records all your phone calls.
– Play/Stop recorded sounds.
– See caller history.
– Delete recording items.
– Search for a specific recording call.

When you install the application, it will start recording all the calls that you make or the calls that you get. With the awesome user interface you can customize which calls to record and which not to.
By default the application will store the recordings of last 100 calls and then it will automatically delete the previous calls and will save the new ones. To store the important call recordings you need to add them to the favorites of the application so that they will not be deleted.unnamed

In the settings option you will be able to change the file format in which you want to save the recordings like 3GP, WAV, MP4 and AMR. Here you can change the number of calls that can be stored in your device.
Activate the ‘Shake and Record’ feature here and if you wish to stop the recording of any call, you just need to shake your phone and it will not record that particular call. You can also set up a password to access the recordings that you have stored to maintain the privacy.

-If Automatic Call Recorder does not record your calls, please restart your device and try again. If it does not record again. Then your device might not support call recording. you have to delete it.

Enjoy recording your phone calls and don’t forget to review our app.

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