AT Player: Free Music YouTube

Free and minimalistic music player allows you to search and listen to millions of songs on YouTube! 2
AT Player is lightweight yet powerful. It enables YouTube music videos playback with all the features of a standard music player like headset support, sleep timer, bookmarks, lyrics, playlists, etc. Moreover it provides multitasking experience: always on top floating popup player helps you to use your apps while playing non-stop YouTube music. Special battery saver screen is used to save power and avoid accidental taps. Having all this functionality you don’t need to download music and can listen to it for free any time.

YouTube integration
• Search and listen to millions of songs on YouTube for free
• Always on top floating popup player for multitasking
• Popup player has navigation controls and quick menu to change its size and other options without necessity to open the app
• Continuous play – playlists are automatically created on the fly based on music selected or search results returned
• Quick search
• Daily updated top charts1
• Hundreds or predefined genres
• Live music (radio) streaming
• Christmas music
• Music recommendations

• Import your playlists from YouTube including Liked Videos
• Create your local playlists with drag and drop reordering
• Current queue with reordering support
• Favorites playlist
• Share playlists and tracks

Music player
• Minimalistic design
• Headset support
• Sleep timer3
• Song lyrics
• Scrobbling to
• Battery saver screen with sliding bar which controls playback

Bookmarks and history
• Bookmarks restore not only playback position but the full playlist context
• Search results history
• Playback history


Download AT Player for Free:




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