Anniversary Assistant

You only need to enter your wedding date and the app will take care of everything else.1

The most comprehensive anniversary app in Google Play Store with an endless list of features you will not find in any other app.

Unique and attractive material design app and widget!

* Shows number of days passed since the wedding date
* Shows number of years, months, weeks, days passed since the wedding date
* Next anniversary countdown
* Shows number of next anniversary
* Shows type of gift for next anniversary – both traditional list and modern
* Shows next anniversary gemstone jewelry
* Shows next anniversary flower
* Recommends next anniversary gift ideas
* Shows dozens of different gift examples for each year based on the modern and traditional gift list
* Shows dozens of unique gift examples based bestselling lists for him or her2
* Allows you to customize as you want by using photos and changing names
* Allows you to share your personalized screen
* Customizable background theme colors
* Automatically reminds you to buy gift, make dinner reservation and send flowers
* Notifies you each 100 days
* Allows you to create any notification you wish or modify any existing notification
* Customizable widget, transparent or personalized, counts up or down
* Recommends best romantic anniversary songs for you to create playlist from
* Dozens of anniversary cards to share with your loved ones or to set as background
* Suggests dozens different anniversary wishes
* Completely free

The app is completely local and does not store or transmit any kind of personal information such as names, dates, photos or other

Next version will include
* More gift ideas and examples
* More anniversary cards
* Other languages support

Download Anniversary Assistant for Free:




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