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7 Lottery – Lotto Prediction & Results is a lotto statistic, lotto number generator, lotto prediction, lotto suggestion and lotto results app.1

Currently it supports Cash 3 and Pick 3, but many other lottery games will be added. Picking lottery numbers is much easier with 7 Lottery.

Our lottery number generator includes statistics as well. In this view you will find all the necessary statistical data to make a safe bet. Cash 3 lotto and Pick 3 lottery are supported.

Statistics options:

It shows the Hundreds, Tens, Units, Terminals and back Numbers, specifying the number of days they have not appeared. There are also terminals that haven’t come out in the current year. In this view, there are 2 filters, one in the upper right corner (sorts numbers in reverse) and one in the lower right corner (changes the data of statistics for the numbers that came in the midday or night sessions).

It shows the Terminals and Numbers that have come up more in this lottery game, specifying the number of times they have appeared. In this view, 2 filters are added to the existing ones in the “Delayed” view, to change the order and data of statistics; these are at the upper right part. The first can filter the Terminals and more regular Numbers in a day 2or specific month, and the second allows to enter a Terminal on the keyboard to know which Hundred was the one that appeared more in this lottery game. These filters can be eliminated or used together.

You can choose a day to know the winning numbers. In this view there are two filters in the upper right corner: the first provides the option to choose a date or going to the current date and the second allows entering a number on the keypad and to know on what dates it was draw; you can filter the result to know the dates of the midday or night sessions.

In this view you will find how to translate everything mystical or events in lotto winning numbers. From pick 3 winning numbers, to pick 3 lottery and cash 3 lotto You can choose 3 options:

It displays a list of all the Terminals with their main meanings of real life associated. At the upper part you can search for both, a word or a number, in order to know their meanings. Pressing on a number you will find more details on the number and you could choose that number as one of your favorites; in the upper right corner, the option to annotate that number is 3provided.

You can interpret your dreams following the informational text.

You can find the numbers associated with your birth month, the value of the days and months, as well as your lucky days according to your birth date.

In this view you will find all the options to save and keep your bets. You can choose three options:

You can annotate your bets and the application will notify if you are a winner, as well as it will keep a record of your numbers. You can annotate pressing the + button at the upper right corner and you can also click on the numbers listed to see their potential winners.

It shows the last raffled number. You can use the filter in the lower right corner to alternate between the raffled number at midday or night.

-Potential Winners
Using the option in the upper right corner you can enter a number and see its potential 4winners in the different types of bets

It shows the most likely to bet numbers on pick three, cash three lotto and other lottery games. PRO users only.

*During the first month you will enjoy the benefits of a PRO user. After that only an annual subscription of $1 is needed.


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