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Are We There Yet – Car Games

Get on the open road and treat your family to the classic car games you remember as a kid. Whether you are taking off on a great family adventure or quick trip to the grocery store, your family will love collecting as many license plates as they can spot while unlocking backgrounds and car parts

Battery Timer 2017

An innovative app – “Battery Timer 2017” was launched recently to help Android users about time remaining with their current level of usage. Hence helps them to conserve their battery power. ( Download here ) A start up – which is still in stealth mode – is elated to announce the launch of a new

Stovetop Radio

Ear To The Streets is a diverse call in talk show covering topics such as street politics, celebrity news and interviews.       Download Stovetop Radio for Free:      

Picture Detective

Pay attention Detective. Your Mission is to identify the Coded Word using the Picture Clues. To succeed you must be prepared for a challenge, think outside the box and be imaginative. – A picture of a Surfer + A Spider’s Web = Internet (You surf the web) – A Pea + A picture of the

Tracker – Family Phone Monitor

Droid Tracker is the most accurate, most powerful mobile phone monitoring application that can monitor the entire content of the household’s mobile phones in real-time, thus ensuring the safety of family & friends. Therefore, you can monitor all of your family’s mobile phone activity, including the recording of locations, text messages, call history, and contact

7 Lottery – Lotto Prediction

7 Lottery – Lotto Prediction & Results is a lotto statistic, lotto number generator, lotto prediction, lotto suggestion and lotto results app. Currently it supports Cash 3 and Pick 3, but many other lottery games will be added. Picking lottery numbers is much easier with 7 Lottery. LOTTO STATISTICS Our lottery number generator includes statistics


Hexadots is a totally new and addictive variation on the color matching game. Move 4 dots of the same color into a line to make them disappear. Sounds easy, right? But unlike other games, new dots appear after every move you make! Eliminate the dots in the fewest moves possible before the new dots block

Escape from the pit latrine

Escape from the toilet! #Difficulty : Easy or Normal #All 25 stage #How To Play : Game operation only tap. Tap : Search / Select item – Some items can be used with other items Double tap : Magnify item triangle icon :Move / Back / Close item – It is run by tapping the

Super Sam Adventure World: 3D

Super Sam Adventure World: 3D is a modern version of the legendary classic platform game. It is a classic retro platform game, in which our super hero, Sam, encounters many threats and obstacles and he tries to defeat all of them in his super world to pass between levels and worlds while collecting coins. Super

Music Player

It is a simple yet Theme based music player for android where Music can be played and can look beautiful. Music Player(Song Player) is one of the most beautiful music app featuring a blurry / blur theme with number of verities. Key Features: # Create Playlist and Save them(from “now playing” screen) # Amazing and