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MeKeyboard is designed to store the information you often have to type like email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, and more like customized messages, auto-signature, anything that would make you save time when typing. Once the information is populated in your MeKeyboard, you’ll never have to type it again, just open your MeKeyboard and done. MeKeyboard

Doer – Be a Doer!

Have you ever forgotten to bring your shopping list when you go shopping, or forget to pack something when you travel? Perhaps you have a number of tasks to do around the house but you can’t find the list you had written down? Or simply you want to organize yourself by creating a to-do list

Birthday and Gift ~ Reminder

Birthday and Gift reminder ~ countdown birthday and save gift information keep track of Birthdays. easily to setup notification for coming birthday! Features – Reminder coming birthday – Swipe to reveal gift information – Easy and simple to use!   Download Birthday and Gift ~ Reminder for Free:

Luveuphoria Formula

Facing difficulty in your married life? Or Wondering how to help your marriage survive? The greatest challenges in a marriage is to keep the fire burning between the two partners. The work that goes into a keeping the fire burning in your marriage is constant. Your solution to each and every problem is here. Luveuphoria

Kitchen Stories

***Kitchen Stories – anyone can cook*** Loved by millions of users, Kitchen Stories offers aspiring and seasoned chefs alike the opportunity to hone their cooking skills and discover delicious new recipes and cooking inspiration. All Recipes are easy to recreate and come with beautiful pictures, easy to follow step-by-step photo instructions, recipe videos, and clever


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