Doer – Be a Doer!

Have you ever forgotten to bring your shopping list when you go shopping, or forget to pack something awhen you travel? Perhaps you have a number of tasks to do around the house but you can’t find the list you had written down? Or simply you want to organize yourself by creating a to-do list to do everything in time and without forget anything? Then Doer is made for you.
Doer – Be a Doer is the best free modern to do app and tasks schedule that will let you organize yourself and write down your shopping list, to-do list, travel list, tasks schedule and many more in the same place and in the easiest way.
We will make your life easier.

Why choose to make your checklist and to do list with Doer instead of other to-do list apps?

✓ Very easy interface to use so we guarantee that you will write down all your tasks, schedule and calendar fastly and without complications.
✓ On our app you will be able to create your shopping list, to-do list, travel list and whatever lists, tasks or schedule you would like to create with just one click and without
✓ Once you type your schedule tasks or shopping list, you don’t have to spend time searching for a save or confirm button, just type whatever you want and we’ll take care of the rest. Everything on our app saves immediately and automatically in the app without your intervention.

✓ Our to do app is 100% FREE and it will stay Free for life, but, you can also try our Pro version in which you will be able to create Projects, manage Reports and a Whopping 1GB of Cloud Storage for an auto-renewing subscription so you can get even more stuff done and better.

✓ Our Magic Algorithm are made to secure all your tasks, list and schedule, so you don’t neet to worry about anything you type on our app, no one can steal or read your to-do list.

Share with your friends, colleagues or family:c
✓ Maybe you want to create a to-do list for your business, but you will need the help of your friends or colleagues to complete this task. Doer helps you to share your to-do lists ot whatever lists you create in a very easy way throught email. You can even invite them to join Doer so they would be able to create their own lists and share them with you as well.

✓  We know that sometimes you will forget to do something that is too important, but, do not worry about all this, our smart notifications system will notify you at the times you schedule.

What are you waiting for? Download Doer and enjoy the best free to-do-list and task manager app ever!

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