90s Camera

90s camera is a vintage camera and photo draw app that takes your photos to another level with its old school effects a1and Polaroid frames. Take your iPhone into the past and get more followers in present with most unique vintage effects.

Make any subject look classy with the professionally designed retro effects and fine-tuned to perfection filters inspired by old-school analog photography.
90s camera app provides one-stop service with user friendly interface to get you amazing retro pictures with a few taps:

• Take a photo directly from the app or choose from the gallery
• Apply a high quality Polaroid effect
• Get creative with a draw tool
• Share pictures instantly to Instagram or Facebook
• Count the likes!a2

AD FREE! Yes, you can enjoy our app without seeing any advertisement.

Check out what our users say about the 90s camera app:

”The effects are great and it’s fast at shooting photos too.”
”Very unique app.”
”Finally an app that doesn’t have filters that all look the same and those stupid ads.”
”Huge thanks for the built in camera, it’s beyond amazing level.”

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