Balance My Day

Balance My Day is a simple way to add balance, consistency and better time management to your daily life.a1
It lets you allocate number of hours to your daily activities and motivates you to stick to your commitment, by allowing daily interaction, providing cool real-time visualisation of your time management and keeping records.

Here is how it works:

-You will create daily activities and allocate number of hours to them.
-Every day, you will open the home page and increment the hour count for activities by using the convenient steppers, as you do them.
-Your goal will be to achieve “Balance”, which is the measure of “Similarity” between your ideal and actual time given to activities.
-Today’s Balance and Average Balance for previous days will be visualised as an animated scale and the time a2allocations will be visualised as pie-charts and bar-charts.
-You will also be able to see your records for previous days and turn off recording when you want to take an off.


Download Balance My Day for Free:




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