Telling the time

***** Kids loves this app!!! *****1
***** Full of colourful animation *****
***** Real word problems *****
***** Includes word problems for learning elapsed time *****
***** Fun games *****
***** Music and sounds to make learning fun *****
**** More problems will be coming soon *****
**** Download it now and enjoy the app *****

With lots of special effects and animations, this is an ideal fun app for a child to learn to tell the time. Parents will 2find it very easy to explain the concepts using the interactive digital and analogue clocks.

Some of the major features are

1. Interactive analog and digital clocks. Supports 24-hour format. Tells the time in both To/Past and hour/minute formats.
2. Fully animated word problems to learn the concept of elapsed time.
3. Learn to associate the concept of day/night and day events with a clock.3
4. Teaches how to tell the time and a lot of activities for practice
5. 4 unique games to make the learning activity real fun.
…and many more.

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