Rev for Sales

Rev is the smart to-do list for revenue professionals. Powered by your calendar and email content, Rev helps you a1take action and mobilize your resources effectively. Respond to your customers quickly and with the context you need to get deals done. Every minute you spend using Rev will shave off hours of fumbling around your inbox searching for a certain email or contact or meeting. Invest your time well with Rev.
Jumpstart your Day

– Open the app and know immediately the most important work you need to do.
– Follow incoming emails and meetings. Act on customer conversations as they develop.
Keep Focus
– See all your to-dos in one place. Prioritize the next steps needed to drive customer success.
– Concentrate your efforts on what’s In Play today, while keeping your future On Deck deals warm.
Be Responsive
– Don’t lose a deal due to a late response. Alarm opportunities and tasks to be reminded of key follow-ups so you don’t drop the ball on your customers. Rev keeps you up to date with the context you need to respond quickly with the right information.a2
– Mobilize your team when the time is right by sharing important opportunity context so deals can be taken to the next step.

With Rev you can:
– Follow incoming customer-related emails and meetings as they develop.
– Automatically suggests actions for your To-Do list. Rev’s AI is fast enough to keep up with your changing priorities.
– See what you need to work on today and what can wait for tomorrow with an actionable To-Do list.
– Easily find past communications, contacts, and other vital deal context in an Opportunity centric view.
– Share relevant emails, contacts and notes with your team in just a few clicks.
– Record your notes within opportunities.
– View pipeline values for current and future deals.

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