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Words to Emojis – Fun Emoji Guessing Quiz Game

One of the most entertaining & challenging emoji games of the year. See the word, words or sentence and use the appropriate emojis from the list of emojis. Find the emojis that suit the sentence and try reach the high score. There will be smileys ? sad faces ? and even crying of laughing?. The

PokeQuiz – Guess the Animated Monsters

How well do you know these Monsters? Try guessing them and beat your friend’s score. Enjoy guessing the cute little animated Pokemon’s, and learn all of their names.     Download PokeQuiz for Free:    


There’s a new quiz game in town! eQuiz is a fun and free trivia game that lets you test your knowledge and challenge your friends to a battle of wits. With hundreds of fascinating topics and thousands of questions, it’s guaranteed to provide you hours of fun! Are you a diehard Game of Thrones fan?