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Neural Network Number

This game is based on the Artificial neural networks (ANNs). These are computing systems inspired by the biological neural networks that constitute brains. The system learns and improve progressively his performance to do tasks by using examples. They have been used for different tasks, like machine translation, medical diagnosis, speech and image recognition, computer vision,

Kuca Rocket

It’s time to explore the outer space! Our friends One, Two and Three are 3 intelligent and creative brothers from a planet far far away. They like to build and design things, but one day, they accidentally created magic colored boxes and discovered that when two boxes of the same color are put together they

Fetch And Learn Luna Free

Are you looking for fun educational games for your preschoolers and young kids? Download Fetch and Learn Luna now! Play the fetch game with Luna, the cute and energetic puppy. Learn letters, numbers, colors, and animals. Your young kids will enjoy the alphabet game and all preschool activities in this exciting playschool. A free version


إستمتع و تعلم أكثر من 200000 كلمة عن طريق لعبة الحروف لعبة-إلعب وتعلم -كلمات-مجانا هذه كلمات من تلاثة أو أربع أو خمس حروف سريع – بسيط – مفيد سنعطيك تلاثة أو أربع أو خمس حروف و عليك تكوين كلمة منها تكوين – كلمة – نقطة كل كلمة تكونها تعطيك نقطة و تعطيك وقت اضافي! كم

Medical Charades Heads Up

Medical Charades – is an incredible way to enjoy medicine with you and your friends! Act and describe the symptoms and signs to the best of your abilities and have fun. Describe clues by acting, sketching, making faces, so your partner can guess the most amount of signs and symptoms before the time runs out!