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Smash Room

Beat, whack, kick, punch, stab, shoot, or do anything you want to this dummy! Feeling angry and frustrated? Open your iPhone and unleash your feelings to the dummy. Whenever you’re upset and want to take revenge on someone, just put their face on this dummy and do whatever you want to them. This is FREE

Shoot N Match

Shoot N Match is the most vibrant addictive Color Bubble Shooter game ever! This game will let you think ahead before you make any shoot while playing within challenging levels! This game is similar to many Bubble shooter and bubble games, but this one is better and comes with an awesome amazing environment and new

Truth or Dare Dirty Adult Game

Looking to increase the fun and good times with your partner? A way to spice up your sex life and have even hotter foreplay? Then try out this new sexy, couple game which combines the Spin The Bottle concept with a hot edition of Truth or Dare for adult couples. This game is brand new

iPassion: Hot game for couple

Are you looking for a way to spice up your sex and foreplay life? You’ve just found the best app for that. Presenting: the best hot, dirty & sexy questions couple game on the Android market! If you want to start getting more intimate with your girlfriend or boyfriend or discover sex tips and new

Click Arena – Social Fight Online

In CLICK ARENA you will battle against other players around the world. It’s a casual game where gear and skill points determine who will win. To become a true Arena Champion you must defeat as many players as possible and also conquer all 20 arenas. – Battle against other players in 20 Arenas – Leaderboards

Wild Wheel – Super Fast Spin Game

How high can you score? Download now, then challenge your friends!         Download Wild Wheel – Super Fast Spin Game for Free:    

Teach Me Time – The One app for Teaching Time

The One App for Teaching Time is the Quickest Way to Learn How to Read and Tell Time on an Analog Clock, Just Keeps Getting BETTER! “Teach Me Time is an easy-to-use app that allows kids to focus on one task: telling time on an analog clock.” – Common Sense Media “With it’s unique interface

Campfire’s Burning

Build the campfire…light the campfire…collect wood…keep the fire going. Why is it so hard? Sound simple? This game is more challenging than it appears. Addictive and fun, a unique new game for all those kids (and adults) who love stoking the fire. Keep the campfire burning and earn coins for every second that it is

Naughty or Nice: Play to Donate Toys

“NAUGHTY OR NICE“ an addictive game testing your abilities to coordinate Santa down the chimney and collecting as many presents as possible, but be sure you watch out for the obstacles and not to collect any coal. “NAUGHTY OR NICE“ Try to navigate down the chimney collecting as many presents as possible, be careful not

Hit The Hoop

Hit The Hoop ‘HIT THE HOOP’ – An addictive fast paced game that tests your abilities. Help us shoot the hoop, collect gems and unlock your friends and new backgrounds as time runs against you. Collect time as you hit the hoop and collect extra balls as you complete each level. Let’s see how you