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Seven Kingdoms Dragon

Hey Friends! Join the deadly running game today to conquer the kingdom with dragon. Enter to the seven kingdom’s dragon and make the dragon your best friend. Let’s go with him on the endless running journey. Avoid the deadly hurdles on the way to collect the coins. Win multiple rewards and unlock the other interesting

White on Gray

White on Gray is a super addictive new game, amazing graphic and gameplay with fantastic sounds will give you a lot of fun . Enjoy this game with 300+ levels! Beat your highscore and share to your friends . Enjoy this game as much as you can. And don’t forgetting that this game is mega

Bobble Bunch: Ultimate Pet Adventure

Bobble Bunch is the kind of game that might seem easy to play at first but it will instantly immerse you in an outlandish world that will turn your hands sweaty quite fast. Travel through mesmerizing portals, avoid the green orbs and try not to get caught by the deadly electricity beam. Using simple controls,

Dungeon Combat

In a 3d fighting games fantasy setting, you need to show sharp combat skills if you want to master the dungeon and be the winner of all combats. Inspired by the unpredictable and ultra-exciting ram fights, the main heroes in this inspiring one on one fighting game is this exact powerful ram. Show ability to

Fruit And Veg Slicer 2016

FREE FUN GAME – One of the best fruit slicing games around, Slice fruit by swiping the screen, select your mode of play and get a combo to boost your score rate. Slice as many fruits as you can in the given time. Be careful of the bombs, they are explosive and will put a

The Evil VR Horror House

The Evil VR Horror House a Google Cardboard VR Game – Play the next generation VR gaming experience! The night is dark, and the house is alone. Can you survive a night in the horror house? The Evil VR is an immersive 360° virtual reality experience. Horrifying and groundbreaking – A horror game experience you


Are you ready to encounter the most loveable characters out there? Welcome to the world of PUQ, where you control cute being as they try to get the green beans as fast as possible. Keep in mind that you need to get as many green beans as possible if you want to unlock your other

Vamoose! – A Jungle Escape

Amazing endless running 3d adventure! Its up to you to survive this crazy jungle escape! Jump over and slide under obstacles, shoot obstacles in your way with blades and run on walls like a ninja! Its a race that requires nerves of steel that only the King/Queen of the jungle can possess! Can you survive

Super Pixel Jumps & Run For Temple

In heat jungle, the super jungle boy must pass so much threats to run to target world. The boy will jump on enemies to kill all enemies on the means. All level are carefully design for you. So it’s would be very fun. FEATURES: • So much scenes (jungle, frozen, cave, subway world ….) •

Masked Ninja

Masked Ninja tap and run your way through the obstacles, collect the coins, cute and interactive game! GAME FEATURES : – Simple ‘One-touch’ controls – Beautiful HD Graphics – Optimised for all IOS devices – Great music Download Masked Ninja for Free: