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This Zebra has had enough! You are an angry Zebra who is fed up with everything. You decided to take matters into your own “hands”. Punch and kick as many cubs possible but watch out for the obstacles that are ahead of you.Enjoy this fun endless run while you ride on a motorcycle “letting of

Card Chronicle

It’s time to head out and traverse the regions of Neubilor! Card Chronicle – Battle of Neuso will take you through a large adventure where you must battle many foes and take down The Barons to earn their respect. Befriending these Barons will be your only hope to taking down The Auros and uncover the

Arcadia Phantasm

Arcadia Phantasm: Morgana Sonata is an interactive game designed for those who want a game with an amazing gameplay. Angels, fly, age, immortals, revolt, juggernaut, war, order, chaos, kings, thrones, royal, lords, and Battle, are the game spices that make it phenomenon. Well, if you do like a game that is addictive, then this is

Minion Smash

Minion Smash brings mobile combo fighting to the palm of your hands! Battle other players online, or play single player game modes! See if you can climb to the top of the leaderboards. ONLINE NORMAL OR RANKED: Practice against others online in normal mode, or climb the leaderboards in ranked! ARCADE: Choose from 3 difficulties,

World of Drones – War on Terror

In 2016 the fight against terrorism has grown into full-featured war. After a series of attacks, the world is ruled by chaos, fear, and people are escaping their homes. In this war we are losing out and individual governments are not able to unite to fight the evil. The last hope is given to the

AstroQuest – Space Adventure

Do you like taking on the hardest games ever to constantly push your skills to the edge? If your answer is yes, then AstroQuest is just the perfect game for you right now! This new space shooter game is amazingly designed with an awesome environment to give you the best experience while playing the game

Hells Pawn

Hells Pawn, the most exciting and amazing action game of 2017 is bringing to you the exclusive action scenes that will definitely trigger you and blow your mind. This action game features advanced graphics, appealing sound quality, thrilling action, and breathtaking adventures. A comic based, Hells Pawn is a free mobile action game that builds

Dead Boulevard

Zombies are running rampant in the Dead Boulevard. How long can you survive? Use power-ups, brute force and lots of guns to kill as many of the dead before they get you.     Download Dead Boulevard on Android:     Download Dead Boulevard on iOS:     Watch Dead Boulevard trailer:

Zombie Standoff

Zombie Standoff is the most addicting 3rd person shooter ever! The objective of this free game is to shoot and kill zombies before they bite you – too many bites and you’re dead! There are many zombies, and you will have act fast to kill them before they reach you, but at the same time

Modern Sniper Attack Squad 2017

FREE – Modern Sniper Attack Squad 2017 game has landed on the IOS platform. With an exquisite game screen. YOU are a modern sniper ready to play your part in dangerous attacks and silent assassin missions. Eliminate a mob of enemies at street level and don’t let the enemy snipers to hide behind the boxes