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Smash Room

Beat, whack, kick, punch, stab, shoot, or do anything you want to this dummy! Feeling angry and frustrated? Open your iPhone and unleash your feelings to the dummy. Whenever you’re upset and want to take revenge on someone, just put their face on this dummy and do whatever you want to them. This is FREE


UpNumber is a brain testing game that will reveal how quick your brain responses to the given task. Mainly, you are given a 4-digit number, for example 1234. Your task is to increase every digit of that number by 1. Therefore, if the number is 1234, you should type 2345. The goal of the game

Monkey Slide Game

Monkey Slide is a great addictive game to play in your free time. Compete with your friends and try to get the highest highscore!     Download Monkey Slide for Free:    

Seven Kingdoms Clan Clash

Seven Kingdoms Clan Clash is a new epic lord battle game. You need to build a powerful and strong team with thousands of combinations to create the ultimate army and take over the world. It’s an ultimate clans war game where you have to show your fighting skills and try to battle with players from

Seven Kingdoms Dragon

Hey Friends! Join the deadly running game today to conquer the kingdom with dragon. Enter to the seven kingdom’s dragon and make the dragon your best friend. Let’s go with him on the endless running journey. Avoid the deadly hurdles on the way to collect the coins. Win multiple rewards and unlock the other interesting

Castle Defender AR

Using your phone’s camera users must stop attacking soldiers from invading your castle created on a plane surface. With an engaging user experience and a well designed in-game economy, Castle Defender AR is by far the most fun Augmented Reality game available on the app store. Special Features: – Purge the soldiers to ammunition. –

Games and their benefits

Let’s all agree. Growing up was fun. And especially when we had to play with our siblings and the neighboring children. But what kind of games were we playing? And were we playing them with other purposes other than just having fun and maybe passing time? Well, many of the homesteads did not have the latest technology

Flappy Voice

Download Flappy Voice and play the most addictive mobile game ever created! Flappy Voice is the remake of the classic flapping bird game but this one comes with an awesome voice feature that will let you control the little bird using your voice. Your objective is to guide the little bird to go as far

Busta island

If you want your quick getaway vacation on your work break or fulfill hours of entertainment, Busta island has you covered! Simple yet challenging! A custom leaderboard made for you exclusively challenging friends. Can you stay Champion? The Challenge: Pop the moving bubble with the beach ball, how far can you get?   Download Busta


This Zebra has had enough! You are an angry Zebra who is fed up with everything. You decided to take matters into your own “hands”. Punch and kick as many cubs possible but watch out for the obstacles that are ahead of you.Enjoy this fun endless run while you ride on a motorcycle “letting of